Hello. I'm Clara

Product Designer passionate about creating a meaningful impact in society by producing accessible, intuitive, and beautiful digital designs that simplify life for all.

Based in Seattle, WA.


A Maternal Mental Health App

UX Case Study

Splash with tagline

A Virtual Travel Agent Web App

UX Design Challenge


Physical Therapy App

UI Redesign

Login — All Hands — Left hand with ring

Marine Canvas Website Redesign

UX Case Study


Marine Listening App

Create-a-thon Summer 2021 – UI Mobile Design

Safari — All Hands — Right hand with tattooed arm

My Story

I discovered my love for problem solving and design through my background in early childcare education. During my time as a preschool teacher, I found myself increasing the types of technology I integrated into my classroom structure and within the childcare facility. I became intrigued with discovering solutions for pain points the parents were having in regards to receiving information about their child’s daily activities. As I explored various applications to solve this issue, my interest in problem-solving and creating improved interfacing experiences grew.

I did some soul searching. How could I marry problem-solving with creating beautiful digital experiences and make a career of it? 

That is when I found the world of User Experience/Product Design.  I began self-teaching but wanted more. So I began classes and earned my Associate Degree in Web Design at Seattle Central College. Along the way I’ve continued to supplement my education through taking extra courses such as the User Experience Design course through General Assembly. My motivation to succeed also has me working with an industry mentor and volunteering with a non-profit. I am driven to not only continue to grow as a designer, but to also help make a meaningful social impact.